Mayor focus on handling disasters in Manado

MANADO, ( After floods disaster and landslides in Manado, Mayor Dr GS Vicky Lumentut SH Msi DEA, stay focused to handle it. Even, Lumentut willing to leave party ... Continue Reading →

North Sulawesi government gave assistance to flood evacuees and landslides in Manado city

MANADO, ( North Sulawesi provincial government under the leadership of Deputy Governor Dr. Djouhari Kansil MPd, gave assistance to flood evacuees and landslides in ... Continue Reading →

Atotoy: from temporary data, 30 vehicles buried by landslides in Citraland

MANADO, ( Police Chief North Sulawesi (Sulawesi) Brigadier General Dicky Atotoy, said it had received reports of 30 cars buried by landslides. “From temporary ... Continue Reading →

14 dead due to natural disasters in Manado city

MANADO, ( A total of 14 people, was declared dead due to floods and landslides that occurred in Manado city and surrounding on Sunday, February 17, 2013. According ... Continue Reading →

Help flood evacuees, North Sulawesi provincial police send down “full power”

MANADO, ( help flood victims in Manado, North Sulawesi provincial police , mobilize all personnel. According to North Sulawesi police chief, Brigadier General Dicky ... Continue Reading →