Governor of North Sulawesi: drugs is a common enemy

socialization of Narcotics Legislation

Sarundajang in the socialization of Narcotics Legislation

MANADO, ( Governor of North Sulawesi (Sulut) Dr. Harry sinyo Sarundajang (SHS), asserts that drugs is a common enemy. He said when giving a speech in the socialization of Narcotics Legislation, followed by 110 participants from North Sulawesi and Gorontalo at Aryaduta Hotel, Manado on Wednesday, April 10, 2013.

On that occasion, Sarundajang also recognize very concerned about drug development in Indonesia, including in North Sulawesi. The reason, because drugs is a disease that can damage the joints of nation across generations.

“Drug abuse cases, each year continues to grow. Even, Indonesia itself is no longer a transit area of drug trafficking in the world, but has become a producer and drug consumer,” Sarundajang said.

On the other hand, Sarundajang also predict if North Sulawesi be a gate of asia pacific region, will be the target of drug dealers. Because in North Sulawesi, has many entrances, Bitung Port, Sam Ratulangi airport, and islands.

He added, North Sulawesi Provincial Government with Police Chief and member of North Sulawesi Forkopimda, will continue to oversee the entrance in North Sulawesi to prevent the entry of drugs to this region.


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