Sulut Employment Agency applying SIMPEG program

MANADO, ( To improve services to all Civil Servants (PNS) in North Sulawesi province (Sulut), Regional Employment Agency (BKD), applying online service system through Information System of Personnel Management (SIMPEG).

According to Head of North Sulawesi BKD, Drs. Roy Tumiwa MPd, use of SIMPEG, also the answer to implementation of e-government.

“This SIMPEG also to welcome technological advancements. And need to be understood, SIMPEG generally understood as a personnel information system, which includes hardware, software, computer networking devices and operating procedure that is closely related to the regulation or government policy,” Tumiwa said.

He said again, with the advancement of technology, personnel management need a planning system, whose implementation, monitoring, evaluation and administration, rapidly, accountable and integrated.

He further said, this SIMPEG will produce a quality information system and integrated with each other in a computer network. So that impact on the effectiveness of the organization efficiently, effective, and accountable.


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