Babe Palar monument will be built in Tomohon city

TOMOHON, ( Babe Palar, the first Indonesian also came from North Sulawesi which represents Indonesia at the United Nations (UN), his monument will be built in Tomohon city.

To build the monument, government has formed a committee chaired by Vonny Pangemanan, Secretary Judie J Turambi SH. There is also Liaison Officer at the Netherlands ie Shirly America-Gosal, Lucky Golioth, Alex Toreh and Jemmy Korompis and in Jakarta Vernando Raturandang and Virgie Bake. Protective elements, Tomohon Mayor, Minahasa 1302 Dandim, Tomohon Police and Tomohon high court.

Pangemanan said for construction sites, in the Wawo plantations complex with land of 5,000 m2. Monument concept have high of 3.65 meters, made of bronze buttressed by 5 circular stair and surrounded by flower gardens.

“This monument will be a Tomohon City landmarks as a symbol of Indonesia accepted into the United Nations on September 28th, 1950,” she said.

“This location will be a historical tourist spot because it will also equipped with a reference library of Lambertus N Palar at birth, school, college in THS (now ITB), college at the Vrije Universiteit Netherlands, Tweede Kamer members, up to become Chief Representative of Indonesia to the United Nations and the ambassador in several countries,” she said again.

“Manufacture of this monument to appreciate the struggle of Lambertus N Palar in the international world stage. where, because his struggle, Indonesia in de jure and de facto accepted as the 60th member of the United Nations,” he concluded.


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