Woloan, Home of Knock Down Traditional Minahasa Houses

tahan gempaWoloan is a village that located 3km from Tomohon City. And can be reach within 45 minutes journey by car from Manado, capital of North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

For some, Woloan is still foreign to hear, but this village is famous because of his housing industry, and known as the Home of Knock Down Traditional Minahasa Houses.

Traditional Minahasa houses is very popular in many countries, and people from Woloan Village earn their living from traditional houses industry for generation.

Minahasan knock-down houses can be transported and re-assembled anywhere. Many Latin America country like Argentina and Venezuela, come to buy this traditional house.
Not just from Latin America, orders has arrived from European countries, like Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Meanwhile in Asia, country such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan and Korea, has ordered houses from Woloan.

Woloan Traditional Minahasa Houses prices is varies, depending on the amount of room or space. Ranging from $ 8.000 to $ 2.700.


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