Department of Culture, held Discussion about Batik Manado

batik manado

Mayor and Deputy Mayor while wearing Batik Manado

MANADO, ( To get feedback on the existence of batik Manado that had been introduced to many people, Manado City Government through the Department of Tourism and Culture (Disparbud), held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) themed, Manado batik design and collection tagline ideas tourism branding Manado.

Event was held at Hotel Grand Puri, on Monday, December 10, 2012, yesterday, followed by cultural observers and tourism Manado, students, college students, with speakers from academia Merry Kalalo who is Dean of Faculty of Law Unsrat and Ivan Karamoy humanist, as well as Head of Department of Tourism and Culture Manado, Peter KB Assa.

In discussion led by Development Division Means of Communication Department of Communication and Information Manado – Franky Mocodompis, produce several recommendations, among others, batik Manado name, changed to ‘Kaeng Manado’, then batik motifs and patterns, will be reviewed by entering various elements of uniqueness communities in Manado.

“We hope through this discussion, batik Manado will be further refined and of course considering various aspects. In addition, existence of batik Manado will be legally protected,” Assa said on Monday, December 10, 2012.


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  1. manadonese

    Dec 15. 2012

    This idea should be supported, since it will be able to be used as a specific clothes for promoting Manado and it useful for showing the identity of Manado people and Manado natural potencies as well. Good job…

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