PT Cargill Amurang, Allegedly Use Mangrove Areas Without IPP

AMURANG, ( PT Cargill Indonesia Amurang located in Lower Village Kawangkoan Amurang suspected of environmental violations. This is due to the American-owned company, allegedly did not have the Permit Usage (IPP) Mangrove Protected Area.

Worse yet, in the factory complex was built in the dock at the expense of mangrove areas.

This was disclosed by Head of Forestry South Minahasa, Saul Buisang.

According to him, PT Cargill Indonesia Amurang not have IPP since 2010. But his side, tries to save the investment by provide more utilization permits released in September 2012.

“Company of PT Cargill should have IPP not permit other uses, and must be approved by the Minister of Forestry, as mandated by Law No. 41 of 1999, “said Buisang on Wednesday, December 5, 2012.

Cargill Parties, through the Plant Manager of PT Cargill Amurang – Lindung Samosir when confirmed, lightly replied that all licenses should be asked to relevant agencies and not the authority of his side to answer.


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